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Walid & Loujain’s Venetian Wedding.. Fancy or Ridicule?

Saudi Billionaire Walid Juffali, married 22 year old Loujain Adada. Do I need to say more?

Loujain is an LAU graduate who works as a TV presenter & model, and just like every young girl, her dream was for prince charming to sweep her off her feet and offer her a huge fairytale wedding. Well, this girl’s dream came true!

The couples’ wedding was held in Venice. Two private jet planes transported friends and family directly to the venue, where a Venetian Ball was awaiting them. Loujain wore a gorgeous white Chanel dress that was specially designed for her by Karl Lagerfeld himself! Plus, she wore a one of a kind diamond necklace estimated to cost around $3 million! Apart from the extravagant decoration and designer dresses, renowned rapper Akon flew to Venice especially to perform at this unique wedding.

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ll let the pictures below do the talking!



2 thoughts on “Walid & Loujain’s Venetian Wedding.. Fancy or Ridicule?

  1. Gold digger gets Fred West Look Alike

    What a gross waste of money and they both look absolutely ridiculous – they could have used the money to feed the poor! The whole shenanigan is hardly in keeping with their religion and how sad he’s not even mourning for the loss of his late son! One day we hope he’ll wake up before he go-go’s. We pray that his son Mohammed Jafali (who was older than the bride) Rests in Peace. Clearly this 22 year old wouldn’t have given this guy a second glance if he was a taxi driver.

    Posted by Donya Salam | January 25, 2013, 12:15 am

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