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How I tried a cooking class at KITCHEN CENTRAL

With major success of TV reality shows such as Top Chef, everyone is getting excited about their cooking skills, and wants to show the rest of the world what they can do in the kitchen. Consequence (or not) of the trend, cooking schools are flourishing in most cities, offering hands-on courses where a happy few … Continue reading

Environmental solutions take the spotlight for the second season of the Green Mind Award

Rabat, Morocco. 17 January, 2014: The latest innovations and initiatives helping to promote positive environmental impact will compete in the second season of the Green Mind Award. Launched in Morocco today, the popular series toured the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) as it set out to find the potential winner of 2014. The awards is organized … Continue reading

Ganbei Restaurant

Chinese cuisine, rich and colorful, features aromatic flavor, harmonious and excellent taste. Savor delicious sizzling Ganbei’s specialty dishes! Ganbei, in Chinese characters 干杯, means ‘Cheers! Bottoms up! Term used in China when toasting during social gatherings, dinners, and special occasions ,involves all present to empty their glass in one sip! The Chef Zhang Wanxi has … Continue reading

College: is it a good or bad investment?

Universities nowadays are becoming the ultimate money making institutions through insanely expensive tuition fees. When applying to college a lot of questions impose themselves on any student such as: “can I afford it”? and the other great mysterious question: “is it worth it”? You see, selecting a college is like an investment; one must assess … Continue reading

The Other Side of Valentine!

My funny Valentine.. Valentine’s day is that time of year where everything dresses up in tacky sickening red. It’s like a  massive attack of red hearts and teddy bears… Before I proceed, I have a little confession to make: I hate Valentine’s Day celebrations! Yes, you heard right: I’m allergic to red hearts and cheap … Continue reading

Finding Mr. Right

Love and some related stuff.. Maria, my 3 year old niece told her mommy the other day that she’s ”in love”, his name is Karl and he sits next to her in class; when my sister asked her what does that mean she answered (with hearts coming out of her eyes): “I hold his hand … Continue reading

A True… Eau A La Bouche

Flash news, I’m getting married! I have obviously caught up the attention of Eve(s) and I bet the ratings of Adam(s) dropped dead! The day of my makeup and hair trials came to an end so did my bank account! Dazzled with my beauty, my Fiancé suggested to pick me up to L’eau à la … Continue reading

It’s Going to Be Huge!… And It’s Coming to Beirut!

Shopaholics rejoice ! A new mall is set to open its doors this spring and it’s set to be HUGE! With over 200 retail stores to shop at, a 16-restaurant food court to choose from, and a 8-screen Vox multiplex cinema, the Beirut City Center has us spoilt for choice. And the best news is … Continue reading

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