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Urban Culture

Ganbei Restaurant

bar and tablesChinese cuisine, rich and colorful, features aromatic flavor, harmonious and excellent taste.
Savor delicious sizzling Ganbei’s specialty dishes!

Ganbei, in Chinese characters 干杯, means ‘Cheers! Bottoms up!
Term used in China when toasting during social gatherings, dinners, and special occasions ,involves all present to empty their glass in one sip!

The Chef Zhang Wanxi has been working for 20 years in Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing and is now in Beirut to make you travel and taste the real and authentic Chinese culinary experience!
Ganbei Restaurant strives to use nothing but the finest ingredients to provide colorful, tasty and diversified Chinese dishes!

In addition to the dining menu, they offer a special premium bar with beer, wine and liquor, as well as an extensive wine and cocktail list.

beef noodles dumpling one from each pork ribs in spicy sauce vitrine



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