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VIP BBQ Saturday at Cyan Beach: The ultimate beach experience

Cyan VIP section

Once again, my colleague and I were on duty. The mission? VIP BBQ Saturday at Cyan Kaslik. At first, I didn’t know what to expect since I had never visited this beach. But I had heard positive echoes such as “At cyan we know how to party hard and enjoy our time!”. Luckily, as you will discover later, everything turned out to be just great! Anyway, you really don’t need a reason to visit Cyan, but still, we feel like sharing some of our favorites with you.

The venue? One word: Amazing!

As we arrived, we got a very warm welcome from the team and especially from Zeina Yazbeck who gave us, “literally”, a royal treatment! So here comes the journey with a big smile on our faces! The minute we stepped into the VIP zone, we were absolutely taken by the beauty of the venue. Located on an elevated area in the resort, the Cyan VIP zone overlooks it all with a backdrop of the sea and trendy music played throughout the day. The whole setting looks perfect from the private beds, bamboo loungers to the pool bar. In fact, the best thing about this place is the laid-back, yet quietly sophisticated atmosphere. Even though the VIP zone is really private, you feel integrated as you would like it to be. Not to mention that at Cyan vip’s area, they serve up more than your usual poolside entertainment by offering thirst-quenching cocktail. All you have to do is to bask in the sunshine in the sparkling pool and then relax surrounded by palm trees, knowing that the epitome of paradise and Lebanese hospitality is made apparent by the impeccable service. At lunch time, we were expecting a barbecue, like mentioned in the VIP formula (Yes you got it well! The barbecue is for free every Saturday). But, surprisingly, it was more than delicious. We were well served with a menu that ranges from starters, salads, burgers, hot dogs…Yummyy!

When the sun went down, we joined our friends and colleagues in the private Jacuzzi where we couldn’t resist sipping a glass of rosé in the refreshing water while watching the beautiful sunset. What a beautiful day!

In other words, Cyan redefines the beach experience by combining comfort and luxury and allowing you to quietly indulge in all the pleasures a summer in Lebanon has to offer. To top it off, you can book lounges or the whole zone for special occasions such as bachelor parties, birthdays or any kind of celebration.

Enough talking for now! Join us to dive into good times at Cyan Beach.

VIP zone’s formula

The VIP zone offers a group package with private bed lounges on an elevated deck, bamboo beds for two with their dining area, as well as two Jacuzzis that fit up to seven people. Add on to the mix a designated waiting staff for your exclusive comfort and a private pool with a built-in bar with a special food and cocktail menu.

www.facebook.com/CyanBeachLebanon   09 223323

This is a sponsored post but everything stated reveals my true and honest opinion.

Carine Bou Abdo

Cyan VIP Section.jpg

Cyan VIP section.jpg Cyan VIP section Cyan VIP section Cyan VIP section



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