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DJ Raxon Interview: “My fav. cities are the 3 B’s.. Barcelona/Berlin/Beirut…”

RaxonAUDIOTONICSo how did your musical journey begin?
Its started just before high school, I was always the guy in charge of the music in any house party back in my old home town of Abu Dhabi.
“Raxon” tell us more about it and why did you choose this name?
It’s a nickname that got stuck with me since high school.
Considering your age there must be a cert of inspiration behind your talent, tell us more about it
I think it’s just being exposed to music and different genres of if from a young age.

What/who was behind your initial push?
I must say friends from my home town who were suckers to the music as I am.

What is your favorite music today?
Cool groovey music regarless of the genre
What is your country of residence?
 What are your other interests beside Djing? What are your future plans?
Making the actually music, been going quite well lately.. Also running audio tonic Records with main man Mike aka Mr Mr

 Is it the first time you play in Lebanon? In which countries have you played?
I’ve been to Beirut several times to play for my friends at b018 a few years ago and recently to uberhaus.. But it’s my first time to play in the summer and for SunSets.. Really looking forward to it as I’ve heard and seen some amazing videos and feedback from the party 🙂

What is your favorite music today? Where do you categorize your music?
I’m leaning more now to the housey groovey stuff, im getting a bit tired from all those single note basslines and pitched down vocals, I think it’s been way over played the past 2/3 years… lets a good time and party!

Which artists and styles have inspired and influenced you?
I’ve seen them in different occasions and always surprise me as the their style completely changes according to where and when they are playing and that’s what it’s all about.. Steve Bug, Lee Burridge, Danny Howells and John Digweed.. It’s always good to learn from them and develop your own unique sound

Do you have any great stories from when you were just starting out? Mistakes you made, gigs that went horribly wrong for example?…
Way too many mistakes, which I’m really glad they happen and still happen cuz that’s the only way to learn and improve.. And one the highlights must be when I was warming up for digweed and he actually came early and listened to me play for an hour and then later asked me if would feature as a guest on his weekly transitions show.. Humbling stuff really 🙂
What advice or tips would you give a young deejay who wants to start?
It’s so easy no to be heard with the help of social media but please learn the essence of mixing 2 records and forget about the “sync” button at least at the beginning, once u do that u can choose how u wanna mix its fine
What is the best part of life as a deejay? And the worst?…
defo playing the music u love to people that also share the same feelings towards the music.. And I wouldn’t call is the worst but like any other job it’s the stress and pressure to always be on top of your game cuz its very easy to be lazy.
Who would you love to DJ with?
I must say I’m quiet lucky with audio tonic at 360, cuz it gave me the chance to share the decks with many of my all time heros..

What is the best city that you have travelled to?
My fav. cities are the 3 B’s.. Barcelona/Berlin/Beirut
How is it on tour with women, groupies and you know, the other temptations that you face on the road?
For me it’s always been about the music, as long as I do my job first which is delivering a DJ set that the crowd expects from me, then everything else can come second

How do you describe your experience with Sunsets “JK58” ?
Actually really looking forward to it, as ill be just arriving from sonar/Barcelona the week before 🙂

Would you like to add anything for Mondanite fans and for your Lebanese crowd?
Thanks for always listening and feed backing and I must say I’ve been to Lebanon a few times now and by far one of the coolest and most educated crowds I’ve played for, see u soon!

That’s it for the interview with DJ “Raxon” from the Audiotonic record label… And now aren’t you eager to join him in the next Sunsets event? It’s on May 21st with DJs  Sebo and Madmotormiquel!





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