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It’s all about the music!

_R6T8204Anthony  Bassoulou / Jad Hazeem 

Ranked the #1 club in the world in 2009, a big recognition goes to the club’s DJs for giving it a special flavor, one that’s definitely different than other clubs and venues in town, the region and probably around the world. Anthony Bassoulou and Jad Jazzy Jay talk proudly of their work and marathon DJ sets in their efforts to bring the people together through their pride and joy: Music.

What’s your take on the clubbing scene in Beirut?

Anthony and Jad:  It’s phenomenal and it helped in boosting the country’s tourism and image to the outside world specifically SKYBAR voted yearly as one of the world’s top leading clubs. You see, SKYBAR isn’t just a club; it has become an image for summer hospitality and modernism in Lebanon. A venue talked about worldwide, a destination for globetrotters who fly all the way to visit the  historical sites, shop, dine out and party at SKYBAR. It’s a must on the itinerary.

What’s the message you would like to send out?

Anthony and Jad: We have a big selection of superb DJs and music is very up-to-date. Music is the universal language of all so our message is that one common peaceful message to everyone in the world which we try to deliver through our work!

The SKYBAR experience/influence:

Anthony and Jad:  Joining and working with SKYBAR is almost similar to obtaining a Masters or a PHD degree in the field your majoring in. Most of the music we play becomes symbolic where other radio stations, clubs and pubs start playing later on, following in our footsteps. How often do you hear someone walk into a place listen to a song and say: “That’s SKYBAR’s music!”

What types of music were the ones you introduced to SKYBAR:

Anthony:   Commercial progressive house (extended) besides other popular songs I edited.

Favorite sounds: Alesso, Axwell, Thomas Gold and Avicii.

 Jad: Deep house, Nu- Disco, Indie and R&B.

Favorite sounds: Kolombo, Solomun, and Seth Troxler.

How does Djing affect your personal life?

Anthony: I’ve been married since 2006 with a 5 year old son and I have to say I am blessed. Behind every great man there’s a great woman and my wife is a perfect example for that! It’s difficult because I’m out at night most of the time working however it’s her love and support that enable me to spread the positive vibes I am known for when up there mixing.

Jad: I think being a DJ is excellent for relationships for you have all day to spend with your loved ones and wife and kids if you’re married. If the girl turns out to be into music and the nightlife lifestyle, that’s a splendid combination! Nothing more I can ask for.

What’s your take on DJs in Lebanon? (Previous and upcoming)

Anthony and Jad: There are some impressive DJs in the country, talented, creative and unique. Sadly, there are no enough places to cater them due to the situation and our small population. It’s a pity, so much talent gone to waste, some get lucky and others keep trying.

A small advice from us to all the DJs out there, don’t be cliché and imitate.  Stick to one genre but diversify, don’t just list the top 10 tracks every single time. Keep the crowd guessing and maintain your own identity, style and signature.

The whole image and perception of a Chef these days have changed and same goes for DJs. Both have become respectable professions admired and envied by others. How do you explain this quantum leap in our society and worldwide?

Anthony and Jad: This is our time to shine. Nowadays the DJ is an important success factor of any event, club, radio station etc… It’s all about the music!  A restaurant with excellent service and interior is never complete without the conscious taste buds and innovative vision of chef. A chef these days is highly respected as a profession and is he is not looked upon anymore as a mere cook in the kitchen. Same applies for DJs. A DJ is not just another Disc Jockey in the club mixing behind the decks but is a true artist working hard to make the clubbing experience unforgettable. People just don’t know how much effort and energy it takes to prepare before showing up to an event. This is much harder than preparing for a TV show, for this is a live show, all eyes on you, no room for mistakes… It’s a real profession with hard case work.

When will you stop?

Anthony: it’s all about passion and this question or the thought of it scares me to death!  It’s what I do best, and it’s who I am. You never know when it will all end, nothing really lasts forever and fame eventually fades away, so the key is to keep it real and remain down to earth, in case you ever fall, you fall with poise.

Jad: I’ll stop when I find myself unable to do what I am doing now physically and mentally. When the mojo is lost, it’s time to renounce your title and let someone new shine and follow in your path.

You guys are opposites, yet good friends known to be the SKYBAR DJ Duo! Explain please:

Anthony and Jad: they say opposites attract and that applies to friendship as well. A funny incident occurred between us since day 1 and we’ve become inseparable since then as friends and DJs. You see us together up there at the booth, behind the decks, you see us together everywhere.

Why don’t people in this city dance anymore?

Anthony and Jad: Most clubbers in SKYBAR are mature enough to listen to the music and not the sound. They don’t really care to dance; they just want to enjoy the moment.

Up close and personal:


  •  Favorite movie: Indiana Jones
  •   Ideal travel destination: Italy
  •  What turns you on in a woman:  Someone who is real
  •  What turn you off in a woman:  A fake woman
  •  Favorite DJ: Alesso
  •  Favorite shoes brand: Prada
  •  Favorite perfume: Comme des garcons
  •  Favorite dish: Sushi
  •  Favorite song: Dancing in the moonlight
  •  What’s the one thing you can’t live without: Music


  •  Favorite movie: Scent of a woman
  •  Ideal travel destination: New York
  • What turns you on in a woman: Brains
  • What turns you off in a woman: Lots of make up
  • Favorite DJ: Pete Tong
  • Favorite shoes brand: Converse
  • Favorite perfume: Comme des garcons
  • Favorite dish: Burgers
  • Favorite song: California love
  • What’s the one thing you can’t live without: Music

 By Mondanite

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