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Finding Mr. Right

mr rightLove and some related stuff..

Maria, my 3 year old niece told her mommy the other day that she’s ”in love”, his name is Karl and he sits next to her in class; when my sister asked her what does that mean she answered (with hearts coming out of her eyes): “I hold his hand while we nap”! Of course her daddy was angry, he told her “Maria, you shouldn’t”!! She earnestly  replied: “but daddy, I love him”!!!!

It’s funny actually, because 3 days later Karl was history, her new love was Gio!
I guess nothing is cuter that the children’s definitions of love, but after the age of 8 things start to get a little more complicated…

For us adults, finding prince charming sounds more like Mission Impossible than a Disney fairy tale.. Although if it was a fairy tale, it would be Beauty and the Beast or Princess and the Frog rather than Cinderella!! I mean seriously! How many frogs should a princess kiss before she finds her prince charming! As repulsive as the idea of actually kissing a frog might seem, I’ll have to admit that sometimes it’s even more repulsive to go through it figuratively, than doing it for real!

However don’t think that the search is easier for boys to find Mrs Right than it is for girls to find Mr. Right! Boys often end up with Mrs Always Right and girls with Mr. Right Now! So both men and women have difficulties finding their significant other, they often accumulate insignificant stories, and end up on the road again.. Maybe it’s a real challenge because, as the famous book says, they come from different planets! Hence, if women are from Venus and men are from Mars, I truly believe that another male planet does exist: it’s where all the schmucks and pricks who break our hearts come from!

Of course there are a lot of nice boys out there and nice single girls too, but the problem is that either they don’t meet, or don’t match! (Different planets, remember!) Each is stuck in preconceived ideas and stereotypes: girls say that guys are only interested in one night stands and guys are convinced that girls are superficial and materialistic.. A nasty vicious circle of non-trust!

But in the middle of all the despair shines a light that keeps those lonely hearts beating.. A reason for both single and happily married ladies to survive and get through another day… their names are Karim and Muhannad and Sultan Suleiman, and they’ve done more for Turkish tourism than Aya Sofia or Topkapi! (Man they’re good) They know the perfect thing to say to make a woman happy, they don’t cheat, hurt or lie.. They’re the kind of guys that would look at you, with tears in their eyes and say “In my next life I will search hard and find you sooner. I won’t waste time with the others”! I guess Lebanese guys should watch more Turkish series, take notes and maybe, why not, grow a little mustache!

Roula N

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