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A True… Eau A La Bouche

Flash news, I’m getting married!
I have obviously caught up the attention of Eve(s) and I bet the ratings of Adam(s) dropped dead!
The day of my makeup and hair trials came to an end so did my bank account!

Dazzled with my beauty, my Fiancé suggested to pick me up to L’eau à la Bouche, a French Bistrot in Ashrafieh and that was the beginning of a lovely night.
A humble place on Tabaris road, such a cozy wooden venue that I almost forgot my heavy face and beauty!!
L’eau à la Bouche, mouthwatering, features a delicate French cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a relaxed but yet charming environment that serves all kind of people and styles.
The idea came to the owners as they were travelling in France; they were so fascinated by the concept to bring it to Lebanon, in a quiet neighborhood yet in the center of Beirut.
The experienced manager and friendly staff matched that of international standards, something you rarely find in Lebanon nowadays!

While skimming through the menu, rich and precise, the manager recommended home specialties and insisted we eat slowly because there was a lot coming our way.
Here’s my recommendation to you guys: start with the “Rouleau de la Biquette”, a delightful plate of goat cheese rolls with raisins, apples and honey dressing. Not done with the appetizers yet; make sure you taste the Nagasaki, a combination of chicken, mushroom, fresh soja and cream (and that’s yummy!!).
We had gone back and forth back and forth on what concerns our famous wedding; the yes and the no’s and the never ending social dilemmas.
Through it all, we went to the famous fondue along with the exquisite “Poulet à la Chablisienne” coupled with a glass of Lebanese wine moving us to the honeymoon section.
The evening was about to end with, as usual, a depression on the desert and my extra kilos and the fact that I couldn’t stop on the “Choux à la Crème” neither the Fondant.

With such a finely detailed presentation and a superior taste, L’eau à la Bouche is indeed one of the finest and selective restaurants to add on your favorite list; a mouthwatering venue, a refined customer service and an enjoyable entourage that would perfectly enchant a Saturday evening.

Sarya K.

Address: Rue du Liban
tel: +(961) 01-328004 and +(961) 71-071090
From 12 pm till 12 am

eau a la bouche eau a la bouche 2



One thought on “A True… Eau A La Bouche

  1. I will definetly try it after reading such a review!

    Posted by Neyla Kahwaji (@neyla_kahwaji) | January 23, 2013, 3:32 pm

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