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And Olga Was Her Name…

Living in Lebanon is extremely entertaining! We are funny people we can make fun of any drama or critical situation, we face it all with our unbeatable sense of humor. What a great great talent that sense of humor is.. But kind of a pointless useless talent actually: We react but never act…

Since the beginning of the storm, we’ve heard all possible jokes about jet skis on Dbayeh Highway, mermaids in Dora and scuba diving in Antelias !! And people are getting more and more creative now that the blizzard has a name.. But not any name: “Olga” the sexy white Russian taking Lebanon by storm!!!

I was going through my Facebook news feed, and noticed that you can tell a lot about a person by their different reactions to the storm! I got to spot many specimens:

 Politically involved comrades, glad to have another excuse to bitch about the government, the “system” and the non-existent infrastructure
 Creative hilarious folks who make the wittiest jokes and illustrations (secretly hoping that they become viral!)
 Human right activists supporting the hungry, the cold and the homeless
 Nostalgic, sharing black and white photos of inundated Beirut, back in 1965… (“Some things never change”)
 Fashion victims happy to finally wear those Chanel moon boots … to ABC
 Ski lovers proud to state that there will be enough snow to glide till June
 Students overjoyed to stay home & moms going officially crazy because of that!
 Two kinds of Lebanese expats: the ones in Europe and Canada, laughing at us because we panic if the temperature drops below 10 degrees; and the ones in the Gulf countries drooling over snow in Jounieh pics, with “Oooh! Are the slopes open in yet?!”

And you have my mother who totally freaks out if I ever decide to go out in the storm! Good luck trying to convince her that Achrafieh is not Alaska!

But being stuck at home in stormy weather has many advantages: I’ve accomplished my best recipes on rainy days; I got creative baking cupcakes and desserts and all sorts of yummy things.
Besides, how pleasant it is to be warm under a blanket, enjoying a hot cocoa or a nice glass of wine, while the storm is getting wild outside! Stormy weather is always a good reason for a “raclette” or “fondue” gathering; but now that Christmas is over, there is no point of looking like Santa Claus! (I’m talking about the belly, not the beard) So the storm is gone now BUT “you’d better watch out, you’d better not pout” those extra kilos are coming to town!

Roula N.








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