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Add a bit of SALT to your life…

Joseph El Khoury, Joe, for close friends, is most certainly one of a kind. I knew Joe before I met him. At first, through some of his creations, “ex nihilo”, as they have become quite popular, here, at Mondanité offices, but also through the words of Simona, my colleague, as he is a good friend of hers ( yes, indeed, she calls him “Joe”!)

A while back, I had the pleasure to meet Joe (and yes again, I AM allowed to call him Joe as well!) in person. And at the time, I had promised I would come and visit his new concept store in Kaslik. Time was passing by, and I still hadn’t gone – shame on me, I agree.

But yesterday, at last, I went! Along with « La crème de la crème » of design lovers in Lebanon. They happen to be quite a few by the way, judging by the unbelievable crowd that was there.

Indeed, yesterday evening, Joe was inaugurating his store. And it was grand!!!

I am not sure whether it was the magnificent space itself – entirely designed by Joe himself, given that he is an architect – or the amazing choice of objects, or even the incredible atmosphere, but one thing is certain, what I thought would be a short visit of 15 minutes turned out to be a real night out. Beauty was everywhere! I felt I was in the museum of design, except that everything I liked, I could buy. Alessi, Philippi, Philippe Starck, Bodum, you name it, Salt Product Design has it all. And what a selection… you know, that little something that you always feel your house is missing? Well, that little something, you WILL definitely find there. Actually, let’s be honest, once you get there, your “little something your house is missing” might very well turn into “a whole bunch of things that I really MUST have in my house”…  Just that little bit of flavour, that pinch of SALT.

SALT Kaslik

Kaslik, Lebanon

Design, in terms of beauty or functionality, generates an emotional response, and that is why it’s so powerful, someone said. That is probably what happened to me, yesterday evening, in that particular space in Kaslik: an emotional encounter. My encounter with objects I didn’t know my world was missing. SALT made my head spin a little, giving me a provocative glimpse of how my world could be changing. What I retain from my visit at Joe’s place? That being design-driven helps achieve perfection.

Here’s the store’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/SaltProductDesign

Pascale S.



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