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Incognito Masquerade Party at Lunar Pub

Once again, my girlie girl buddy and I were on duty. The mission? A masquerade party at Lunar Pub in Jounieh bay. Halloween only comes around once a year, so why not go all out? The invite indeed said that men should come in black with a bow, and ladies, put on a sexy dress. And all should wear masks… Oh dear, it’s been such a long time for me, I feel awkward having to prep up… Two weeks in advance, I am already wondering what to wear.

To my mind, the quintessential masquerade attire must look like a Venetian costume: classy, mysterious and a tiny bit menacing. That should be an interesting nightlife experience…

So… it’s all glammed up and masked that we arrived at Lunar, Friday the 2nd, for a night of magical masquerade fun. The venue? A magnificent old traditional Lebanese house overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Jounieh bay, and transformed into an exceptional indoor lounge. Our host and manager of the venue, Alain Toubia, had gone through the trouble of welcoming everyone at the door, also making sure all were masked for the party waiting inside! For forgetful minds, charming hostesses were even offering masks in metallic gold and magical colours like purple upon arrival. Which we did not need, little girlie having planned it all in advance for us, finding in one of her secret shopping places amazing Renaissance style masks.

So there we were, we slipped behind our masks and joined in with the mysterious crowd that was already chilling inside, in the most picturesque settings: a huge bar running wide across the pub with a unique display of bottles and different lounges each for a specific entertaining purpose, with illuminated furniture and glasses.

Between the more than generous in liquor drinks, the incredibly rousing music and the very applauded live show, it was the middle of the night, and we felt in another world.

Thanks to Alain and his team, the Masquerade was a real hit. If the decor on its own had set the ambience, everyone had definitely played the game.

As for us, we had discovered a place that is worth revisiting: an amazing setting, a welcoming staff and great music. What else should you want for a perfect night out?

Pascale S.



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