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From Fairy to Iphone in Just a Few Years… Happy Halloween Everyone!

We all remember the days when the only Halloween costumes were a witch or fairy, and costumes that are related to these 2 themes such as an angle or devil, draculla or princess… As the years passed by, we noticed that technology seemed to influence Halloween costumes too! Adding lights or sound effects to costumes started by being a trend which later on turned into a necessity. In addition, Iphone, Facebook, & Google shifted from the Web to become part of our Halloween costumes!

We know that this post is one day late; however, for those of you who didn’t get the chance to wear your costumes last night, you can still show off your creativity on December 4th. For this reason we decided to show you what the next generation Halloween costumes look like, all the whilst wondering whether we will be showing you flying costumes in a few years!



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