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Is Your Halloween Costume Ready?

Halloween is that time of year which reminds us of how much we don’t feel like growing up. For most of us, it started with  our parents wanting their little baby to look cute, so they made us wear a funny outfit for an hour or so, took a picture, and then slipped us back into our pyjama. At the age of 8, we started knocking on neighbors’ doors in order to get that candy we were craving (but instead, we almost always ended up with cheap gum!). Costumes back then were so simple, it was either the fairy or the witch. After that we would come home, eat the special holiday dessert, and then go to sleep at 8. Around the age of 13 we started realizing that we were too cool for Halloween, so we stopped going through the trouble of getting dressed, instead we hung out with friends and made fun of younger kids who got dressed.

When you head to university, you start feeling nostalgia to your younger years. That’s when it occurs to you that Halloween is actually perhaps the only day of the year which allows you to act completely childish without being misjudged!

So whether Halloween is your excuse for looking childish, you just need a night of nostalgia, or you simply love getting creative with those disguises… Here are some of the hottest Halloween spots for this year:



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