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James Bond – Back to Basics

Yesterday was the avant-premiere for the latest James Bond movie: SKYFALL at Grand Cinemas. Some pop-corn (okay… a big one) a Diet Pepsi (guilt-free) and we were ready for what we were hoping to be the best movie of the season. We were not disappointed!

It all started with the theme song: a mix of stunning images with Adèle’s powerful soundtrack. We were in awe straight from the beginning.

The recurrent theme in the movie is the dichotomy between technology and old fashion ways, with England doubting the role of spy agents nowadays. James Bond, after an almost fatal mission, returns to England to save, not only MI6, but his purpose in the society as 007. James Bond goes back to basics in his mission without any gadgets but a fancy gun. He is left to his wits and combat skills.

Of course, 007-movies classics (i.e. beautiful girls, shaken martinis, tuxedos, big watches, sexy scenes, guns, dangerous stunts) all made an appearance for the pleasure of the fans. We definitely got our James Bond fix, but I feel that we got more this time. Maybe it was Javier Bardem’s villain character that was so brilliantly played. Or maybe it was M’s softer side that we subtly discovered throughout the movie. Or maybe it was the astonishing images quality and scenery.

We will let you discover… and most importantly enjoy!

Mondanite Team.



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