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007 For A Day… Are You Up To The Challenge?

Unfortunately ladies, Daniel Craig will not be coming to Lebanon, and you will not be featured in the next James Bond movie, but Mondanité has created something almost as fun for you!

In our very own version of 007, M just notified us that Severine was kidnapped by vilains. Severine was last seen in Lebanon, and was captured by Mondanité photographers having a drink somewhere. Your mission? Visit the Mondanité website (www.mondanite.net), go through the albums and try to find where Severine was on her last night out! When you find her, write a comment that says “007, reporting for duty”. Ladies, don’t forget to look closely at the pictures, and men, we don’t think you’ll miss her (she was wearing a pretty revealing black dress;) Like every mission, a reward will be given to you if you succeed in finding her. In this case, Severine herself will not be your reward; however a chance to see Severine and Bond on the big screen will be your reward! Two tickets to watch Skyfall at Grand Cinemas for free should be a good motivation for 007 amateurs.

[Hint 1]: According to our sources, Sévérine was seen driving outside of Beirut towards Jounieh.

[Hint 2]: According to the hotel manager where she was staying, Sévérine likes cocktails with tequila like margaritas.

[Hint 3] The last time Sévérine left her hotel, she had her beach tote with a swimming suit.

[Hint 4] According to a witness, Sévérine was last seen in a restaurant with a latin style.

[Hint 5]: According to close friends Sévérine likes enjoying live music when she goes out for dinner.

Good luck, M.

Good luck in reporting for duty…

Check out our facebook page for more detailed info: http://on.fb.me/NuxPR2



2 thoughts on “007 For A Day… Are You Up To The Challenge?

  1. “007, reporting for duty”.

    Posted by Rita Said | November 1, 2012, 11:38 pm

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