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A Pink Cause Worth a Buzz

While walking around the streets of Beirut this weekend, I thought that women had finally invaded the town and left a trace of pink ribbons everywhere! A few flyers and ribbons later, I remembered that the month of October was dedicated to breast cancer campaign.

The global Breast Cancer Awareness Month has become a tradition that reminds women of the importance of regular check ups especially since breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Lebanon. However, if caught in an early stage, this type of cancer is among the most curable forms of the disease.

A well appreciated form of awareness was spotted in ABC bathrooms. Flyers indicating how women could do a small self-test on themselves have obliged women to linger for even longer in the bathroom while they finish reading and try memorizing these steps. Other forms of awareness include donating small sums of money to breast cancer patients and making women sign a pledge in which they vow to get their breasts checked. A few campaigns were a bit too commercial though. Selling special-edition pink products… Really?

We do appreciate the effort since the number of breast cancer patients is increasing every year, and very few women are aware of this disease and its symptoms. So for the sake of yourself and everyone you love, a simple check up wouldn’t hurt!



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