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Maki Sushi introducing the iPad Menu

This week, Maki Sushi became the first restaurant in Beirut to introduce the Menu iPad. No more “Sorry, sorry…”, “Please, I would like to order…”, you can now place your order directly from the iPad! No need for the waiter, only for recommendations or to review the order before it is sent straight to the chefs with a click of an iPad button.

The Menu iPad display all the sushis available, with real-life photos that will surely awaken your tastes buds. Using non-traditional, even controversial, yet high-quality ingredients such as foie gras, house-grown extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and even chocolate, Maki has revolutionized the Japanese fusion domain with original dishes unequaled by any of its counterparts.

AMAZING food, innovative menu, friendly staff and a great setting. Yes Maki Sushi… we will be back for more…



One thought on “Maki Sushi introducing the iPad Menu

  1. Using modern technology to create a unique dining experience like an iPad to recommend wine for customers instead of a sommelier by accessing an app Is a great idea! Take a look at Conceptic’s products, which is the biggest company in the market of touch screen menus (with more than 1000 installations worldwide!) launched with the eMenu PRO application for restaurant. eMenu PRO application is very intuitive and easy to use- even if you never touched an iPad before. read more about iPad menu PROs and challenges here:

    Posted by Kathrine Joseph | December 3, 2012, 9:51 am

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