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The Dos & Don’ts of Fall 2012 Fashion Trends

The fall 2012 New York Fashion Week shows were jam-packed with trend after trend. Here are our tips on how to wear them all without entering into the dangerous DON’T zone.

1. DO Dress up your cozy knits

Don’t be shy! Mix rustic sweaters with your most dance-floor-ready bottoms.

Do stick to similar colors to make the pieces feel more natural together.

2. DON’T skip the statement collar

To save a bit of money, DO find detachable collars on sites.

DON’T worry about looking too trendy. Stick to plain tops and knits for a slightly more toned-down look.

3. DON’T save bright colors for spring

DON’T forget to update your stash of black tights at the beginning of the season. A shiny, no-pills pair makes an outfit look so much more expensive.

DO balance the ratio of black and bright color by experimenting with accessories, outerwear and shoes.

4. DO fall back in love with a navy-blue peacoat

DO look for versions with big, exaggerated collars for extra oomph.

DON’T be afraid to invest in this trend. Even when the moment ends, the peacoat will never look out of style.

5. DON’T forget to do head-to-toe pattern

DON’T skip the shoes! When we said head-to-toe, we meant it!

DO break the look down and wear it with other print-free items in your wardrobe for maximum return on your trendy investment.

 6. DO add wine to your fall wardrobe

DO find the shade that suits your skin tone. Brick reds look great on warm skin tones, for example, while bluish plums look great on cool ones.

DON’T forget to mix wine colors with autumnal brights in addition to neutrals. Mustard, cobalt and emerald green can be especially chic.

7. DON’T underestimate the power of pointy pumps

DO wear these sexy shoes with cropped pants, but DON’T do them with wide-leg jeans. Sadly, these two fab pieces just never quite work together. 

8. DO mix sporty and ladylike

DON’T wear too many sporty pieces at once or you’ll look like you’re on your way to the gym. DO add one sporty element—like a letterman jacket or perforated tank—to give a girly look a sporty twist.

Source: www.glamour.com



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